Chris Hayes Sequesters Himself: I am a Writer Goddammit

Oh Hazy. What are we going to do with you?

This week The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes gets himself in trouble with the law for speeding. Cue up the “Cops” theme song, “Bad Boys.” It all went down in South Carolina, where he has “sequestered” himself so he can work on his book. Presumably he got away for concentrated work time. But that doesn’t seem to be happening.

“Sequestered down here for a week on a quasi-writing retreat. Shouldn’t be checking Twitter!!! ;)” he writes. In addition: “Pulled over in SC last night for speeding at midnight w/ not a car in sight. Wondering if I can make some kind of nullification argument.”

We do hope he didn’t pull out his Thesaurus-like vocab for the cops because we’re sure that would get him thrown in the slammer for the night.

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