Hazy Gets Weekend Ink!

Hazy Thought Bubble: ‘I Got Press Goddammit!’

Warning: This post may draw the deep ire of journo “Upper” and Mediaite White House Correspondent Tommy Christopher.

This weekend MSNBC host Chris Hayes (whom we affectionately call Hazy) got an abundance of press attention on account of his 8-month-old show “Up With Chris Hayes” and book, Twilight of the Elites: America After Meritocracy. The fun began on Saturday when the NYT released his Sunday Style section profile:

Grossest graph in the story: Author: “He had arrived.” Hayes: “It meant the show is known,” said Mr. Hayes, 33, who says he has never met the singer. “He was confident enough to make the joke and think he’d get a laugh.” This graph comes in a close second for worst:  “I like the fact that it’s dialogic, small-d ‘democratic,’ ” Mr. Hayes said of his show. “We’re all sitting at the same table, we’re creating the public sphere in miniature. I was going to say, ‘We’re going to model Habermasian communicative action,’ but that’s excessively pretentious.”  Read the entire vomitfest here.

The media blitz continued into Sunday night when Politico’s Patrick Gavin featured him in an “Answer This” questionnaire. In Hazy’s case, it was quite revealing. But what we’re most amazed about is he had ULTIMATE CONTROL here over what he wrote and this is what he chose to say about himself in 16 responses. We’ll highlight a sampling…

1. Question: Tell us your favorite joke. Translation of his answer: I have no sense of humor.

7. Question: Favorite body part. Translation of his answer: I’m in love with my forearms. They never fail me no matter how fat I get.

10. Question: Pet peeves. Translation of his STUPID answer: Stupid is the stupidest insult on the face of the stupid Earth.

11. Question: Frequency that he Googles himself. Translation of his answer: CONSTANTLY.