The Nation’s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes Looks to Jesus for Genius Guidance

In continuing our “I’m a Writer Goddammit!” series with The Nation‘s Washington Bureau Chief Chris Hayes, he brings us this statement about Jesus. As many know by this point, Hazy is working furiously on his book and goes through the trials and tribulations of staying motivated. He has gotten stopped by the cops. He has tried to sequester himself. Here, he looks to Jesus for genius lessons and then wonders if he’s stoned.

“After an awful writing day, nice to see that even the greatest geniuses of all time have their off days: #isjesushigh?” Hayes wrote in a Thursday tweet in which he links to this photograph of a Jesus who is looking rather mellow with eyes at half mast.

The remark rubbed one reader the wrong way: “The ego on this guy, jeez. He should remember: He works for The Nation. Which no one reads. Better hope that MSNBC show works out, otherwise he and his book will be an afterthought.”

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