Chris Harrison, Host of The Bachelor, Has Published a Romance Novel

This is a pretty good brand extension.

The world knows him as the handsome blond host on The Bachelor/The Bachelorette. Usually, Chris Harrison doesn’t say much. He announces when the would-be spouses should report to cocktail parties or a rose ceremony. And he usually makes one last appearance to announce that there’s only one more rose left for that evening.

Turns out he has a lot more to say. Harrison announced during last night’s “Women Tell All” episode that he’s got a new book coming to stores in May, The Perfect LetterIt’s a romance novel, and he whipped out his copy with a heads up about pre-ordering in between sobs from the jilted women surrounding the stage.

Harrison tells PopSugar that the idea for the book spawned from his love of writing and a conversation he had with author Nicholas Sparks.

He tells the site:

I learned something from Nicholas and his books; he’s very personal, he writes what he knows, obviously the stories aren’t real — they’re fiction. But I learned a lot of romance and intrigue and things from this show that I take. There are things based on Texas — that’s where I’m from — and there are characters based on people in my life. I won’t divulge who they are because some aren’t flattering. If you like The Bachelor and you love romance and escapism, you’ll love the book.

Aside from his experience with romance on The Bachelor, Harrison, 43, divorced in 2012 from the woman he’d been with since he was 18 years old.

“He has a great life, with golf trips and a wine fridge and a DVR filled with only things he wants to watch,” GQ wrote in an article about Harrison published in the January issue. “And so if he thinks about it too much, he starts to wonder why he’d ever want any part of this love-and-romance bullshit ever again.”

Kind of interesting for a man whose whole life seems to be about love and romance right? But ultimately, this is a good brand extension for him. This sounds like it’s going to be a beach read for people who want something in the same spirit of the show that made him famous. It makes sense.

Anyways, so he’s got this book and besides clips in PopSugar and TV Guide and he’s got a name known to the audience who would read it through his ongoing work with The Bachelor, which clearly isn’t going anywhere despite all of the criticism of the show and its premise. Moreover, with The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise coming, he’s got a platform to continue to plug The Perfect Letter. Not gonna lie… might have to check it out.

image via Twitter