Chris Hardwick, Thomas Lennon Sit Down Before @Midnight

In terms of comedy variety, lead-ins don’t get much better these days than The Daily Show and The Colbert Report. Tonight, at midnight, Comedy Central debuts @Midnight, a new four-days-a-week offering hosted by Nerdist founder Chris Hardwick.

In the clip above, Hardwick and interviewer Thomas Lennon compare their contributions to recent “Hashtag Wars” sponsored by the program. Hardwick for #gentlerhorrorfilms had Drag Me to Hello Kitty, while Lennon suggested Silver Lake Surfer for #hipstercartoons.

@Midnight brings together three comedians each night to goof on content mined from social media, on a set that looks like every Saturday Night Live game show skit. We approve of Hardwick’s preferred term for “social media” and are guessing that none of the Kardashians are going to like his answer to Lennon’s question: “The Kardashians are on fire; you can only save one. Who is it?”