Chris Hardwick Set for Epic Star Wars Lightsaber Relay

This Saturday, July 7, something called Course of the Force will kick off at the Santa Monica Pier. For charity, various participants will walk or jog a specially made Hasbro lightsaber all the way down to San Diego in time for Comic-Con 2012, passing it from one participant to another Olympics torch-style in quarter-mile increments.

The event is a collaboration between Lucasfilm, Chris Hardwick’s Nerdist empire and Octagon. Hardwick and various co-hosts will broadcast the southbound progress at, and to frame the Make-a-Wish Foundation benefit trek, there’s also this cute short filmed at Industrial Light & Magic:

In order to ensure that the lightsaber gets to San Diego on time, the course will leapfrog the coastal section between Huntington Beach and Oceanside. Among the various other event sponsors, a most appropriate one would seem to be footwear firm Shoebacca.

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