Chris Hacker: Sustainability Expert, Smooth Operator


We never tire of hearing sustainability guru Chris Hacker talk about his design work at Johnson & Johnson. We even saw him back when he had just left a similar position at Aveda, when his presentation was still called “Green is the new black,” which he doesn’t call it anymore, he says, because, well, we’re sure you understand why.

Although it was great to see how his work for this gigantor corporation is really making an impact–they’ve reduced, re-sourced and redesigned packaging for so many major products already–we were much more, um, intrigued by his work on the new KY brand: Intrigue.

J&J decided that since KY was so often applied to intimate situations, they’d rebrand a segment of the market to stimulate that growth. The redesigned bottle–which is, of course, sustainable–has sexy graphics and a very hot marketing campaign. And, get this: It’s designed so that even in the dark you can feel around the bottle to figure out how to open it. Hacker says he can vouch for that. “I’m going to embarrass myself, but it’s a really wonderful product,” he laughed.

All jokes aside, KY Intrigue is now the number one lubricant at most major chain stores like Target. Talk about market penetration.