Fired San Diego Radio Personality Re-Ups With His Own Podcast Network

Chris Cantore is now broadcasting from a local brewery

If you can’t beat ’em, enjoin ’em.

In January, Chris Cantore, along with his 94.9 FM morning show co-host Steven Woods, was suddenly bounced from the airwaves. The pair took their act to a similar podcast, but that only lasted about 12 episodes before Woods decided to move on.

Nevertheless, per an extensive look in the San Diego Union-Tribune at Cantore’s subsequent efforts and the podcasting world in general, Cantore has continued to move full-speed ahead with some web-radio ambitions. His newly formed company Yew Media combines several other podcasts together with a revamped version of the one he started with Woods. Yew operates out of Iron Fist Brewing and counts a colorful co-investor:

Cantore recently brought on local action sports expert Chris Coté as a co-owner. Now, the pair are in the process of hunting down around $500,000 in funding with friend and adviser Mike Hodges, former president of the Union-Tribune, committed to the cause.

Coté also hosts Yew podcast The Monday M.A.S.S. (Monday Action Sports Show). For the article, Union-Tribune reporter Jenn Van Grove spoke to a number of podcast industry players including Chicago’s Steve Dahl, Panoply chief content officer Andy Bowers and WNYC’s Dean Cappello. Lots of food for thought here about what is framed as just the beginning of radio industry disruption.

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