Chris Brown’s Rep Denies Tales of Recent Homophobic Temper Tantrum


At the BET Awards just three weeks ago, it seemed as if Chris Brown had truly found redemption: He won five trophies, thrilled the audience with a tracks-medley from his latest release, F.A.M.E. — his first No.1 album — and thanked fans for sticking with him down the “long road” since his arrest for assaulting then-girlfriend Rihanna.

It appears, though, the guy’s still got some temper issues.

According to — and its sibling publication, Star magazine — a ticked-off Brown berated fellow players in a recent pickup basketball game by shouting anti-gay slurs “when things didn’t go his way during the game.”

“His demeanor was over-the-top,” an alleged eyewitness said.

This isn’t the first time Brown’s been accused of lashing out on a homophobic tirade. In December 2010 — a few weeks after completing his year-long domestic violence/anger management course — tweeted similar slurs in response to posts he apparently found disrespectful. (He also took to Twitter to respond to these most recent allegations. Calmly, of course.)

But that was then, Brown says. According to his rep, the new accusation is “totally fictitious,” and the photo is months old, taken in an entirely different context.

With “this bogus account being picked up by additional media outlets,” the rep tells E! Online, “Chris Brown’s management is considering taking appropriate legal action against the paper.”

If that’s the case, good for Chris Brown. If not, there’s one not-so-rehabbed R&B star who better start watching his mouth.