Chris Brown Has A Meltdown. Can PR Come to His Rescue?

Chris Brown made a cringe-worthy appearance today on Good Morning America that, according to TMZ, ended with Brown breaking a window, ripping off his shirt, and confronting a segment producer.

Brown had been there to promote his new album “F.A.M.E.,” which GMA‘s Robin Roberts points out in the interview (available via TVNewser) is doing well. He left before taping another performance that was meant to appear on the ABC website, essentially cutting off his nose to spite his face if, as he stresses over and over, he’s there to promote his album.

Roberts says Brown approved the questions prior to the interview, TMZ also reports. And besides that, Brown will always be tied to the disgusting 2009 assault on Rihanna. But so little time has passed that a restraining order related to the case was only recently lifted.

Moreover, Brown has been tangled up with another issue over nude photos.

Certainly the singer plans to continue promoting his album. Is Chris Brown in need of some intense media training so he’ll be better prepared for the ongoing Rihanna-related questions? Or is he beyond help?