Chris Brogan Explains the Future of Internet TV: He’s It


FBLA picked on Chris Brogan at Life Hack, impling he was just another blogigolo. Turns out he’s an internet-TV mogul in the making, at He’s part of the team that’s putting on Video On the Net conference, up in San Jose in March. Andrew Baron from Rocketboom and ABC’s Bernard Gershon, and Jeff Jarvis are among the speakers.

FBLA asked Brogan to explain himself:

FBLA: So what makes you such an authority on blogging?

I’ve been blogging in one form or another since around 1998 or 1999, got into podcasting in the spring of 2006, and then went into video fairly quickly thereafter. I’ve been involved in various aspects of new media, and so it’s been a natural fit to my personal ecosystem to work on Network2, Video On the Net, and also PodCamp.

I believe of blogs as conversations. I start a thread, but I often enjoy seeing the comments and thoughts and links through to other variations on the theme, as I feel the collaboration often improves the piece.

FBLA asked: How is Network2 different than other online tv sites?

If you invoke the word startup, it sure sounds scary, but if I just said, “Network2 is our vision of how people want to have relationships with internet TV”, it takes the sting out. Our view is this: standalone and viral content are one thing. Other people want a connection to meaningful, episodic “shows,” where the relationship is with the same people and similar theme over a variety of episodes. We spend our time and efforts seeking out good, quality programming, and provided it has a good RSS feed to promote, we reach out to content creators and ask if they’d like to be promoted through Network2.

Network2 is a site where you can find great internet TV shows, read reviews, subscribe to get the programs sent to you, either using your favorite browser or specific video browser (FireAnt, for instance), or to add to your portable media device of choice (such as an iPod or Zune). We have categories of shows, so if you favor cooking shows and dramas, just click a category. We give you the tools to be a Mini Mogul, and build your own internet TV channel, featuring what YOU want to see.

FBLA plans to attend the conference, so we’ll keep you posted on our mogulness.