Chris Ayres Asks FBLA: “Where’s the Beckham Love?”/FBLA POLL


Chris Ayres, the London Times’ man in LA, seems very excited about David Beckham’s move to Los Angeles. And distressed about the seeming indifference of the locals. He asks “Why no huzzahs? Why no blog posts? What’s wrong with you people!?”

Can’t decide? Here’s what LA Media types thought:

Amy Alkon:

Just what we need in LA, one more man in pink nailpolish and a sarong.

Ray Richmond:

Our reaction here to soccer is like theirs to baseball. Hollywood only cares about Beckham to the extent that his surname is preceded by “Bend It Like.” We Americans still largely view soccer as that curious little sport where they still have 0-0 ties, and Beckham is consequently the cover boy of Who Gives a Shit? magazine.

Joseph Mailander

We are LA’s best soccer blog. We feature it tabloid-style all the time. Reason: I’m a fan. So we’re already up with something.

Greg Gutfeld:

I didn’t know he moved to LA.And that’s really the answer: Americans don’t care, or care to know, about most British celebrities. The Brits have a fundamental misunderstanding about this, because they tend to care a little too much about the American celebs who flock to London. Brits make a big deal out of Madonna, Paltrow, and Dirk Benedict (who is currently touching our hearts in Celebrity Big
Brother)–when in fact, they really shouldn’t. It’s not healthy. Meanwhile, in the states we don’t give two crumpets about David Beckham. We don’t even know who he is. He plays a game called soccer –something in America that’s generally played by twelve year old
girls in high socks. Plus, his wife looks like the Fly. The original, not the remake with Jeff Goldblum.

And a hearty thanks to Daniel Hernandez who gave FBLA the Cuahtemoc Blanco quote.