Choose Your Own Adventure Adapted As Interactive iPad Book

Edward Packard’s classic Choose Your Own Adventure book Underground Kingdom has been adapted into a new interactive video game/book for the iPad from digital studio Visual Baker.

The $2.99 Underground Kingdom app, which is the first in a series of new apps, lets readers star as the hero of the adventure. Readers can make their way through the story, which is brought to live with animation and sound-effects.

Readers are invited to interact with characters and choose the direction of the plot along the way. There are 23 possible endings and 50 animated illustrations to help bring the story to life. Users can map their path and even share their way via Facebook and Twitter. 

The project is a collaboration between Visual Baker and Packard. The agency has plans to adapt Hyperspace, Invaders from within, Survival at Sea and Dinosaur Island into apps. The app got off the ground with funding from a successful Kickstarter campaign. The project earned more than $12,000 in pledges, exceeding its $12,000 goal.

Here is more from the Visual Baker site about why they took the crowd-sourced funding approach: “We thought of presenting the idea to a publisher that would help us with funding and contacts, but we like the freedom of creating a product without corporate constraints that would hold back our project. Kickstarter seemed the perfect platform to raise funds and complete this great adventure.”