Choose your alliance and control the land in King: The MMORPG

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Chukong Technologies’ Coco Entertainment International has announced the launch of King: The MMORPG on iOS and Android devices. The game takes players to the fantasy land of Kandar, locked in the middle of a Civil War. Players choose from four initial classes to create a character capable of defeating their rivals across both player-vs-player and player-vs-everyone combat.

Players can customize their character with hundreds of different options and upgrades, depending on their type. Warriors, for instance, use heavy armor and weapons, while mages wield the power of fire and ice. Clerics, meanwhile, offer a mix of defensive and offensive strengths, and can provide support for others during battle. Finally, archers focus on ranged combat with high accuracy.

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Once players choose to back the Sun Alliance or Flame Empire, they begin on a quest to destroy monsters and gain control of the land. Users can tap to move their character around, or use a virtual joystick for more precise movements. Quests can be tackled in the same fashion, by either walking manually to their destination (like a new environment, or a key NPC) or simply tapping on the quest window to cause your hero to auto-walk.

Combat can also be automated. Users have access to hot keys for special attack skills or healing items, or can set on auto-attack to earn experience points without really trying. That is, the character will continue to attack anything in sight until told to stop, with no further input from the player.

Gamers earn better weapons and gear as they play (including rewards for staying logged in over long periods of time), and can sell their old items, or turn then into scrap which can be used to create new items. Other real-world players appear in the world, introducing real-time chat, and “guild mechanics” offer more social content.

King: The MMORPG is available to download for free on iOS and Google Play.