Create Stories From Tweets Using Chirpstory

When news breaks, you can bet that it will hit Twitter first before it is picked up by a mainstream media outlet. But sometimes, pulling together all those tweets in a chronological order can be a real challenge, especially if it has been a day or two since the incident occurred. Luckily, the team over at Japan-based Togetter, Inc. has just the tool for the job — Chirpstory.

Creating a story from tweets using the tool is as simple. Once you login with your Twitter account information, you can begin pulling tweets to curate your story. You have the option of either pulling single or multiple tweets directly from your timeline, your mentions, or your favorites. You can also add tweets not in your timeline by searching via keyword, Twitter user, or Twitter list.

Chirpstory also lets you add multimedia to your story, including videos from YouTube, or photos from Amazon, Flickr,, MobyPicture, Plixi, Twitgoo, or Yfrog. With the click of a button, Chirpstory can automatically arrange your curated tweets in chronological order with the click of a button. Since this curation process does pull directly from the Twitter service, you do have an API limit of 150 requests per hour. Once you’re finished, click the “Create Story” button, and you’re able to add more context to your story, including a title, description, category, and tags.

Once you’re done, you have a custom Chirpstory page which you can tweet to your followers or embed in any webpage. Each Chirpstory page has a unique URL for linking, and also lets you leave comments which can be sent as tweets, further adding more social media integration to your story. Also, Chirpstory can be used to create useful synopsis posts from Twitter chats centered around a specific hashtag, such as #wjchat.

Chirpstory is free to use and is available at and as a Google Chrome application. Follow the most recently viewed and created stories on their Twitter profile (@chirpstory).

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