Chirpify Launches #Actiontags, Hashtags You Can Activate Across Channels

Portland-based social commerce platform Chirpify is trying to kick the hashtag up a notch with “#actiontags,” hashtags that brands can activate for cross-channel conversion.

With #actiontags, which can be used at live events, on TV shows, and in social campaigns, consumers can make a purchase, enter a contest, donate, or subscribe to a newsletter by posting a hashtag on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram.

“Hashtags are the new URL,” Chirpify CEO Chris Teso said in a statement.

He told AllTwitter,

“We noticed that campaigns on TV shows, at live events and on social media were not immediately actionable. Just displaying an item on a screen introduced a lot of steps to actually be able to process a transaction. What we saw here with #actiontags was the logical evolution of hashtags and Chirpify’s technology. Now an item can be displayed across multiple channels and consumers can turn a tweet or comment into a transaction in the moment.”

Here’s how the #actiontags work:

1. A Chirpify client defines and advertises an #actiontag (e.g. #buy, #donate, #subscribe, #vote) coupled with a #campaigntag (what is being sold, fundraised, subscribed to, voted on, etc.).

2. Consumers respond by posting the #actiontag and #campaigntag to social media to transact.

3. From there, Chirpify processes the order.

Estee Lauder’s Origin line recently launched an #actiontag campaign with Chirpify for charity: water. The campaign began last week with tweets from various influencers like actress Emmy Rossum:

This new technology is an extension of the in-stream payments Chirpify launched in June.

When asked what his vision was for where he sees the functionality going, Teso told AllTwitter,

“We see #actiontags being deployed across people’s favorite television shows, at live events and on social media. Consumers will be able to make purchases, donate or subscribe instantly using #actiontags on all the major social media platforms as the service’s backbone.”

Chirpify will be demonstrating #actiontags during Advertising Week at The Times Center in New York City on September 26.

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