Follow The Upcoming Presidential Debate And Other Live-Tweet Events On Chirp Guide

Are you a fan of live-tweeting? You know: Tweeting or following tweets that are sent during an event?

If so, you should check out Chirp Guide and take your live-tweeting to the next level.

Chirp Guide helps you sort through the live-tweeting noise on Twitter by providing curated streams that are organized by topic and event. Like what? The sky is the limit, really. They currently have sporting events, movies, tv shows, politics – you name it.


But why use this instead of a just following a hashtag on Twitter? We asked Chirp Guide’s founder, Rob Schutz, just that. It all really comes down to quantity versus quality.

The reason why Chirp Guide is different (and in our opinion better) than just following a #hashtag chat is that there is no filter when searching for a hashtag.  You’ll see tweets from everyone who uses that hashtag, which usually includes random 13-year olds mixed with people in other countries mixed with the credible sources of information you actually want.  The beauty of Chirp Guide is that it lets you curate live-tweeting based on who you like and what you find relevant.
A good example has been site use during the recent debates.  People built streams made up of a news sources, comedians, and sprinkled in fact checking sources like PolitiFact.  That is in contrast to just using the #debate hashtag which overloads you with everyone’s tweets.
Users can drag selected tweeters in (and rejected tweeters out), to create personalized streams. And if your event isn’t listed on Chirp Guide, you can easily add it.
And if they aren’t on there yet, you can register other live-tweeters so you can follow them in your designated streams as well (though we imagine those fond of live-tweeting will be quick to get themselves registered on Chirp Guide, as it will be a great way to build an audience).


Chirp Guide is in Beta right now, so they’d love some more user feedback to make it the best app it can be. It already promises to offer quite a bit for live-tweeting fans and content creators. Check it out and let us know what you think!

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