Chip Kidd’s Jared Paul Stern Book Cover Concept

He may not have fully conceptualized, say, the possibility of a billionaire using hidden video to capture, as he says, a momentary lapse of judgment, but as far as his post-Post writing career is concerned, Jared Paul Stern seems to have some of the details sewn up early. Take the “concept cover” for his future “memoir” — he’s already got Chip Kidd, the “world’s foremost book jacket designer,” on board.

Says Stern:

A book is in the works, but no details yet. I have hired entertainment counsel in L.A. to deal with all the book, film and TV offers and am in the process of choosing an agent. This is merely a concept cover by the world-famous Chip Kidd. It will not necessarily be just a straight memoir.

Whatever it will be, Stern has us know that Ron Burkle will be blurbing it:

“Devastating” &#151 R.B.

Alas, the back cover concept: