Chip Kidd’s House Also Doesn’t Suck

We couldn’t figure out why we woke up at a reasonable time this morning until we realized our subconscious was just poking and prodding us to get to a newsstand or interwebs asap to check what this week’s House and Home had brung. And has it ever brought it. It seems to be the week of Chip Kidd (hm, how very interesting) and this time we’ve got “The Book on a Graphics Superhero.” Get it. Get it??? It’s because he does books but he’s also a graphics guy but he’s known for books so then when you get “the book” on him it’s a play on words. Ah. Newspapering.

The story’s got a hot lede segueing into an even hotter body.

WHEN Chip Kidd, the celebrated book designer, fell in love with the poet and Yale professor J. D. McClatchey 10 years ago, the two had to contend with more than the usual challenges of a new relationship.

Mr. Kidd, then 31, was a rabid pop culture consumer, living in a two-room apartment with 20’s modern furnishings and a huge collection of Batman and Justice League memorabilia.


Mr. Kidd’s home is more like a very expensive toy store. It reflects the same graphic punch seen in his book covers, which helped transform the American book jacket from a decorative bit of packaging into a striking evocation of the writing it contained. Its items are arranged like a pocket shrine, as much a carefully curated archive of Mr. Kidd’s obsessions and evolving eye as his new book, “Chip Kidd, Book One: Work: 1986-2006,” published this month by Rizzoli.

We can’t tell what we like more. A thoroughly worked-it pun, or very good Rizzoli PR.

JK. We love all our culture equally.