Chip Kidd: Now an Even Closer Thing to a Rock Star


When we first heard that Chip Kidd would be playing with his band Artbreak for the first time anywhere last night, we were intrigued for sure, but wondered…would they be any good? From our top-secret embedded design/rock critic who tossed more than one undergarment onto the stage, we have the following review:

They are ridiculously good. Think The New Pornographers meet The Cars, with solid Ric Ocasek-quality lyrics. Kidd oozes charisma. The designers here are packed close to the stage and going wild. One young kid asked me where Kidd finds the time for all these creative antics. I told him in all honesty I had no freaking clue.

And there you have it, a new era in design criticism/music journalism has begun. Now, where is Kidd going to find someone to design the cover of their first album?


These fine photos by another face in the crowd, Francisco Hui.