Chip Kidd Has Two Turntables, a Microphone, and a National Design Award

kiddingaround2.jpg Where it’s at: last night’s Cooper-Hewitt National Design Awards afterparty in NYC, DJ’ed by the charming Chip Kidd, winner of the Communications Design Award.

Earlier in the evening, Kidd was presented with his William Drenttel-designed statuette by musician Paul Simon, who chose Kidd to design the cover of his 2006 album “Surprise.”

“I would like to apologize for my attire, specifically its lack of festiveness,” Simon said as he took the stage in a staid gray suit. “This wasn’t really a design choice. There’s just not a wide variety of festiveness available in 38 Shorts.”

NDA.bmp Simon commended Kidd for his creative prowess, noted the designer’s early influences (e.g., Peter Saville‘s work for U.K. indie label Factory Records), and then prepared to turn over the asterisk-themed, silicon carbide trophy (at left). “This award, although somewhat napkin-like, is considerably nicer than a Grammy, I can tell you that,” said Simon.

“Here’s how crazy the world has become: Paul Simon just gave me an award,” said an ebullient Kidd. “Right now, I feel just like Lou Gehrig but without the disease, which truly makes me the luckiest man in the world.”