Chip Kidd Designs Cover for Poets & Writers


Speaking of magazines, the nice folks at Poets & Writers dropped us a line to let us know that everyone’s favorite singer/songwriter (oh, and occasional designer too), Chip Kidd, has designed the cover of their next issue, which should be out soon. We also got a peek at the brief interview with Kidd inside the issue, wherein he explains the cover, saying it was inspired by both whirling dervishes and spirographs drawn by a twelve year-old boy on the streets of Istanbul. He also gets into his previous work (or lack thereof) in magazines:

I get very little magazine work. I’m mainly seen as a book-jacket person. My most high-profile magazine project was two years ago, when I did a trio of covers for Rolling Stone for its fortieth anniversary. And that was almost too good to be true.

…I was able to work with materials that I couldn’t work with on a book jacket. You know, it’s rock and roll, so I went with prismatic foils and all this kind of over-the-top stuff, which for them was perfectly ap- propriate. The trick was to not make it look so gaudy that it was cheap.