Chinese Sites Generate Buzz With Facebook Rumors

As I reported yesterday, rumors of acquisition offers by Facebook for were unfounded. Interfax China, a Chinese news source, today reported that is in negotiations with Facebook. The article also quoted a Zhanzou PR official as saying “we will not sell out and we have stopped talking with Facebook.”

Honestly, the Chinese websites are beginning to sound similar to Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela. Completely false statements appear to be coming out daily from the Chinese press. The funny thing is that Facebook is suddenly large enough to start having acquisition talks with a number of sites across China. I would imagine there to be rumors about Google or Microsoft making offers but offers by Facebook are slightly ridiculous.

Having Facebook acquire a Chinese website currently seems as likely as Facebook acquiring this blog. It’s not happening. I wonder what site we’ll here about tomorrow. I have officially discounted the value of the majority of Chinese news reports that I hear. Any other acquisition rumors that I should know about?