Chinese Movie Makers Secretly Head to Hollywood

jackie_chan.jpgUniversity of California, Los Angeles recently held a series of semi-secret meetings for low level Chinese movie executives. The speakers included Ron Meyer, president of Universal. and MGM CEO Harry Sloan.

Due to “security concerns,” the clinics were kept under wraps until they concluded. Officials were concerned about the safety of the travelers, who were selected by China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television.

So why were they here again? And Kung Fu Hustle really needed four rewrites?

The New York Times article says the participants noted differences between making films in the United States and making them in China:

For instance, about script development. The filmmaker Stephen Chow, [Wigan] pointed out, was forced to grind through four successive scripts on the ultimately successful Kung Fu Hustle, which Columbia helped to finance.

Stephen found it very laborious,” said Mr. Wigan.

The Chinese executives also wanted to know how they could get Americans to watch their films, citing our collective dislike of subtitles and claiming United States residents are “spoiled.”

“There are no simple questions, and no simple answers,” Mr. Wigan answered.