Chinese Mobile Phone Company Xiaomi Launches First Android-Based MIUI Smartphone

Xiaomi, a Chinese mobile phone manufacturer, has launched its first Android-based smartphone that relies on MIUI OS. The MIUI ROM is a translated Chinese customized version of Android 2.3.5 designed to give a feeling of iOS or Samsung’s TouchWiz, Android platform is becoming increasingly popular in the competitive Asian smartphone market.

Xiaomi’s MIUI phone, called the MI-One, is powered by a Snapdragon chipset with two 1.5 GHz cores and Adreno 220 graphics. The phone includes a 4 inch wide display with 1GB RAM and a 4GB ROM at a prince of RMB1,999 (about US$310). MI-One is expected to pose a lower-cost competition to the iPhone, which has been wildly popular in China.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Asian telecom companies like HTC, Samsung, LG and Huawei have turned into the biggest producers of smartphones running the Android platform. The increasing competition has also pushed the focus of the manufacturers to produce lower priced phones.

The Telegraph reported that Huawei, China-based telecoms giant, is trying to expand out with a whole new range of smartphones for under $165 in order to maintain its rapid growth in the UK market. ZTE Corp., another Chinese firm, is also putting a lot of effort recently to consolidate its position in the market with smartphones under $200, according to the WSJ.

Have a look at the Xiaomi phone launch event in Beijing.