Chinese iPad Smugglers Turn MacGyver

They used a fishing line and crossbow to ship goods

China has been getting very creative in its attempts to illegally sell Apple products. First, there was that string of fake Apple stores. And now, a group of Chinese smugglers has been caught in a very inventive (if ill-fated) ruse to bring iPads and iPhones into Hong Kong.

Gizchina reported that several smugglers attempting to make a profit off of the tax differences between mainland China and Hong Kong were caught by customs officers after their zip-line and pulley were discovered.

That’s right—a zip-line. Apparently the men attached a “strong fishing line” to the 21st story of a skyscraper in Shenzhen and, using a crossbow, shot the other end to a house in rural Hong Kong across the Sha Tau Kok River. They then hoisted nylon bags filled with iPads and iPhones along the 300-meter line in the middle of the night.

According to the Chinese officials who caught the smugglers, they confiscated about $46,000 worth of Apple gear that had been sent over the zip-line.