Chinese Investor Wants to Buy WSJ Now Because He’s ‘Very Good at Working with Jews’


After failing in his attempt to buy The New York Times, China’s most awkward billionaire has now set his sights on The Wall Street Journal (and some bridge in California, too).

Chen Guangbiaodescribed by the South China Morning Post as a “recycling tycoon” who’s also one of the 400 richest people in the world’s largest country—really wanted to make the NYT his own before that “bid” was “undone by media attention.

He’s not done yet, though; he has some terrible quotes to entertain and amuse us all!

Today Chen told a New York-based Chinese station that he’s “investigating whether The Wall Street Journal is for sale” because of that whole Jewish thing. Oh, and he didn’t just give the unbelievable quote in the headline; according to the Jewish Daily Forward, he also claimed that:

“his IQ, or intelligence quotient, and EQ, or emotional quotient, are ‘equally competent’ as those Jewish owners”

Well, that settles it. And in case you missed it earlier this week, he’s the “Earthquake Rescue Hero” responsible for the world’s most awesome business card:


Now it’s all coming together. Our advice to Chen: we’re pretty sure Murdoch beat you to it. But have you considered the Los Angeles Times? They have Jonah Goldberg… 

Now watch him open his Manhattan press conference with an original ditty:

In conclusion, somebody please get this dude a media trainer.

(Pic via JDF; video via Forbes)