Chinese Developers Move Up as FarmVille hit 50M This Week

FarmVille, a virtual farming game from Zynga, inspired by an earlier China-based version, has reached 50 million monthly active users this past week, having gained 4.21 million new players. Meanwhile, our AppData service shows Chinese developers gaining some of the most new users among the top 20 fastest-growing games on Facebook.

Silicon Valley and Chinese gaming platforms, companies and gamers are, in their own ways, coming together like never before. Indeed, number 12 on the list is 開心農場, or “Happy Farm,” made by ELEX — apparently also a Chinese-language virtual farming game patterned after earlier, China-based Happy Farm games.

My Fishbowl, a multi-language but apparently mostly Chinese-language virtual aquarium game made by AppSphere Inc, gained 891,000 new users over the past week, to reach 4.19 million monthly actives. It came in at number five. It was followed by Animal Paradise, from Beijing-based Rekoo, with 726,000 new users and 2.77 million monthly actives.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain↓ Gain, % Developer
3.Mafia Wars25,455,588+1,216,548+5.0Zynga
4.Restaurant City15,347,048+987,371+6.9Playfish
5.My Fishbowl4,192,713+890,601+27.0TwoFishes Interactive
6.Animal Paradise2,769,097+725,817+35.5Rekoo
7.Pet Society18,374,195+704,639+4.0Playfish
8.(Lil) Farm Life3,782,228+649,829+20.8Greenpatch Inc
9.Your Indian Name!4,771,891+639,565+15.5AppSphere Inc.
10.Country Story6,760,500+553,058+8.9Playfish
11.Texas HoldEm Poker17,670,843+471,189+2.7Zynga
13.Sorority Life6,441,195+281,806+4.6Playdom
14.Friends For Sale!6,212,477+274,837+4.6Serious Business
15.Mobsters 2: Vendetta2,641,419+218,963+9.0Playdom
16.Brain Buddies5,101,766+214,145+4.4wooga – world of gaming
17.Bejeweled Blitz7,535,752+208,061+2.8Popcap Games
19.Vampire Wars3,703,826+195,758+5.6Zynga
20.Tattoodle5,221,083+188,144+3.7Make The Web Better