Chinese and Russian Both Appear on This Week’s List of Emerging Facebook Apps

This week’s AppData list of emerging Facebook apps, defined as those still under a million monthly active users but growing fast, includes an unusually wide variety of apps, a trend that seems to be driven by the many foreign-language offerings.

Top Gainers This Week
Name MAU Gain Gain,%
1. GodsWar Online748,651+366,237+96%
2. 寵物戰爭646,130+362,838+128%
3. Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe ★★★★★★729,028+333,434+84%
4. Likes Likes980,796+330,777+51%
5. TheFacepad578,954+311,505+116%
6. Что твои друзья думают о тебе?481,027+304,054+172%
7. Friends photomontage408,053+297,017+267%
8. My Friends in 2010860,451+271,115+46%
9. Newspaper Clips337,141+247,485+276%
10. CineGratisYa319,560+231,851+264%
11. Photo Sticker411,790+212,818+107%
12. 朋友大配對202,712+189,406+1,423%
13. Dragons of Atlantis844,590+170,897+25%
14. Miscrits: World of Adventure656,708+165,891+34%
15. All My Friends291,185+163,914+129%
16. Bingo Island641,438+162,517+34%
17. SpeedDate456,207+155,634+52%
18. Puzzled Hearts575,943+154,205+37%
19. Age of Champions549,200+140,180+34%
20. Tagged777,608+135,021+21%

The top three apps, GodsWar Online, 寵物戰爭 and Texas HoldEm Poker – Deluxe ★★★★★★ are all games by Chinese developers — respectively a massively multiplayer game, a pet fighting game, and a card game. We’ve seen Chinese-language games do quite well in the past, but there’s a newer trend of English-language games by Chinese companies doing well with a broader international audience.

Likes Likes is the first non-game app, and one that we’ve seen before under various names; it gives users a list of clever sayings that they can “like” on their profile. It’s followed by TheFacepad, an iPad Connect app that, as we’ve also noted before, is getting traction but doesn’t seem to be keeping its users around. Its stickiness, or percent of MAU that returns as daily actives, has dropped to 11 percent.

There’s a problem with AppData’s language display on number six, which is properly called Что твои друзья думают о тебе? The reason for the bad display is simple — Russian-language apps are extremely rare, with only a few million Russian-speaking users, so we hadn’t had a chance to see the problem before. The app, a simple friend quiz, seems to be doing quite well anyway.

Friends photomontage and My Friends in 2010 are fairly self-explanatory. Far more interesting is Newspaper Clips, which allows users to create their own fake newspaper clip using a friend’s profile. The result, which actually looks pretty good, is saved to your photo gallery, with the option of tagging your friend in the image.