China Reduces Restrictions on Foreign Journos

For foreign media, reporting in China is about to get easier. According to an article in China Daily, the country is passing new laws that will replace the old ones dealing with access granted to journos from abroad. Government approval is no longer required to travel in the country nor interview its citizens, although anyone wanting to see military facilities or Tibet will need to register with the police.

During the Beijing Olympics, temporary laws were enacted (with varying success). These regulations were designed to allow the 30,000 foreign journalists who descended upon the country to report with some levels of freedom.

Wang Chen, minister of the State Council Information Office that wrote the new policy, said the new laws showed his country’s commitment to transparency.

“This is a very important move drawn on the experience of providing services and managerial help for foreign journalists during the Olympics. They underline the government’s determination to further open up, and reflect the idea of maintaining an orderly opening-up policy and effective management.”