China Joins Hopenhagen Climate Push

Hopenhagen has partnered with Ogilvy Earth using digital and social media to rally China as part of the global push to pressure governments to drive action on climate change.

A regional Hopenhagen Web site becomes the campaign hub to convince Chinese citizens, government, nonprofits and businesses to sign the UN Climate Petition and put pressure on policymakers at the UN Climate Change Conference to be held in Copenhagen next month.

Kunal Sinha, the head of Ogilvy Earth in China, said the nation is beginning to take a strong leadership role in tackling issues related to climate change, adding that its significant participation at the Copenhagen conference is historic.

“As China is an incredibly digital- and social-media obsessed country, it made perfect sense to focus our China strategy on making Hopenhagen a very digital campaign,” he said.

With the launch of the Chinese version of the Hopenhagen site, the voices of the citizens of this powerful nation will be heard at this monumental global meeting, Sinha said.

The online campaign developed by Ogilvy Earth includes tapping local communities through the Hopenhagen Kaixin, Renren and Douban fan pages, as well as encouraging the Chinese to follow Hopenhagen on and Sina microblog to share their thoughts about the climate-change debate.

Extensive media partnerships have resulted in more than 800 free TV spots and close to 100 print advertisements that aim to raise awareness in China through the start of the conference on Dec. 18. 

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