China First to Reach 900 Million Mobile Phone Users

According to the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, China has become the first country to reach a mark of 900 million cell phone users. In April alone, the country added about 11 million mobile phone users, bringing the country’s mobile phone user base to 900.3 million.

China has shown steady growth in the mobile phone adoption over the past couple of years. In April 2009, China had around 679 million mobile phone users which increased to 787 million in April 2010.

India however is not far behind and in fact it is catching up real quick. According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India, the country had around 846.32 million mobile phone users at the end of March. Which is an increase of 20 million users from the month before. The U.S. is following behind with 303 million users, according to the CTIA, and industrial representative of mobile operators.

Nokia leads the handset market of china with around 29.6 % market share and Samsung is following with 22.6 %. Increase in the user base of mobile phone has a direct impact on the sales of smartphone. Current, smartphones constitutes 28 % of the total mobile phone sales in China. However, with the decrease in smartphone prices, their adoption percentage is expected to reach 50 % in just two years i.e. by 2013. According to an analysis, Android has the fastest growth in the smartphone market of China. During the year 2010, the user base of Android grew more than 1100% from 872K to almost 11 million.