Chillingo Releases Hero Pop on iOS

Hero PopChillingo has today announced the launch of Hero Pop on iOS devices. Developed by Nravo, the balloon-popping game sees players rescuing their friends from a group of sky pirates, who have trapped them inside balloons. The game contains over 100 levels at launch, as well as power-ups to help players along the way.

In each level of Hero Pop, players drag balloons across the bottom of the screen, letting go to allow them to float up to the balloon formation at the top of the screen. Balloons float upward in a straight vertical line, so players must let go when the balloons are under the appropriate columns to make matches. When players make a match of three-or-more like-colored balloons, they’re destroyed from the screen, and any captives are set free.

As players progress, they take on additional challenges, like creating super balloons (as one example). These are formed when making a match of five-or-more symbols, and each color behaves differently. A yellow super balloon, for instance, can be popped to trigger the release of stars that remove other nearby balloons automatically. A purple super balloon creates a black hole that sucks in nearby balloons to remove them, and so on.

Players have a limited number of shots for each level, and will have access to firing one of two different balloons on each shot. That is, two balloons rest along the bottom of the screen, and players can choose to drag and release the balloon they’d like, depending on the current board layout. Players will also unlock power-ups as they complete levels in bulk. A rocket, for instance, can be used to instantly remove multiple balloons from the screen.

Players receive up to three stars and a coin reward at the end of each stage, depending on their final score. These coins are used to purchase additional moves at the end of a failed stage.

For social features, players can login via Facebook to see how their friends stack up on each level’s leaderboard. Users can also send free lives to their friends (lives are spent as players fail to complete levels before running out of moves).

Hero Pop is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.