Chillingo launches Order Up!! Fast Food on iOS

order up fast food 650

Chillingo has today announced the launch of Order Up!! Fast Food on iOS devices. The game is the latest in the cooking simulation franchise, but instead of whipping up a feast ingredient-by-ingredient, Fast Food offers puzzle gameplay for creating dishes.

In Order Up!! Fast Food, players are presented with ingredients and completed dishes on a match-three style grid, and have 60 seconds to earn as many points as possible. Points are earned by tapping and dragging lines to connect two or more matching, touching ingredients, with longer lines resulting in more points.

Matches of five or more like-symbols add points multiplier squares to the board, while matches of seven or more are “monster combos” and trigger the addition of a special cake tile to the screen. Players are encouraged to rapidly tap on the cake to increase their overall points multiplier.

At the end of each game, players earn coins related to their score, and can spend these coins on power-ups. A Freeze power-up, for instance, stops the clock for a limited amount of time, while a Rush power-up instantly boosts the game’s point multiplier.

Gameplay is limited via an energy system, but players can purchase additional energy (and coins) with real money. Order Up!! Fast Food is available to download for free on iOS.