Chillingo, BoomZap Entertainment Launch Rescue Quest on iOS

Chillingo has today announced the release of Rescue Quest on iOS devices. Developed by BoomZap Entertainment, the game sees players joining two wizard apprentices, Boom and Zap, on a journey to rescue magic-producing spritelings from an evil sorcerer. The level-based gameplay sees the player’s chosen hero standing on top of the match-three board, walking down a path created by making matches with the gems underneath.

In each level of Rescue Quest, players are challenged with navigating a different match-three game board, creating a path from the entrance to a cage of captured spritelings. As players make matches next to their hero, the tiles give way to a path the hero can walk down to get closer to the cage. The game marks an easy path players can take to reach their destination, but users can technically make matches anywhere in the level in order to create and complete the path.

When players make matches of four or more symbols, or those in T or L shapes, they create power-ups capable of clearing whole rows or columns of gems, or all gems of a particular color from the board, as well as those that cause explosions and add large sections of the board to the possible path. While these powers are added to the board automatically, players also receive powers they can manually add to the board when they’re stuck. If they’re lucky enough to receive two powers right next to each other, these can be swapped to increase their effects.Rescue QuestEach level has a move limit, and players earn up to three stars on each stage, depending on their final score (which is impacted by the number of moves they have remaining). Levels become more challenging over time, with enemy characters also joining the game board, among other additions. If players fail to complete a level before running out of moves, they lose a life.

Players unlock access to additional power-ups over time, which can be charged by making matches with particular colors of gems. The pulverize power, for instance, is charged by making matches with green gems, and allows players to destroy a chosen set of gems (and extend their walking path) instantly.

For social features, users can compare their scores with their Facebook friends on level-specific leaderboards, as well as send free lives to their friends as gifts. Finally, players can unlock over 50 achievements for completing in-game tasks.

Rescue Quest is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store.