Chief Bergdoll, Reporting for Duty

An interesting story we found while bouncing around on this world wide webbery of ours about Barry Bergdoll, the Columbia professor who is to take over as the Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art, starting January 1st. In the piece, he talks about his plans to catch the MoMA up to the other museums in New York, particularly in regard to the quality of architecture exhibitions. Here’s a little:

The historian’s academic interests include not only 20th-century stars like Marcel Breuer, but Karl Friedrich Schinkel and Leon Vaudoyer. Bergdoll says he has no plans to present shows on the pre-modernists.

His main focus will be the 20th century — and the 21st. In addition to what he calls “monographic shows,” he expects to mount shows on “process,” including, most likely, digital fabrication, which he says is changing the “command structure” by allowing architects to assume responsibility for making the things they design. He says his interest in the topic was piqued when, at Columbia, he worked with Marble Fairbanks Architects on a slide library made from digitally produced components.