Chicago Tribune to Roll Out ‘Now’ Site

The Chicago Tribune this summer is rolling out a Web site combining aspects of social media, e-commerce, blog, news content, advertorial and more in a project it is describing as “Huffington Post meets Facebook for Chicago.”

“Chicago Now” aims to capture, along with the continuing, “35 percent of local Web traffic,” according to a video promo that is posted on the E&P Pub.

According to the Tribune, will continue, but Chicago Now will replace the current Web site for RedEye, the free youth-oriented commuter daily.

The site will go live in June, featuring “high-profile personalities” such as a former Chicago Cubs player and a prominent radio personality.

Chicago Now is not intended to rely on banner and display ads, according to the video promo, but with e-commerce and advertorial.

The Trib’s promotional video says Chicago Now is intended to “fight emerging competitors like Huffington Post and ESPNChicago.” Huffington Post last year launched HuffPost Chicago, which features locally prominent bloggers.

“To date no media company has ever created anything like Chicago Now,” the video boasts.