Chicago Sun-Times to Kevin Smith: You Are Fat

So the no-frills egalitarian airline, Southwest in its infinite level playing field wisdom booted off director Kevin Smith because he only bought one ticket and his butt takes up the space of more than that. He gets asked to leave the flight and then tweets up a tantrum on Twitter.

Smith writes:

Dude… THEY THREW ME OFF WITHOUT PROPER CAUSE. I passed their stupid test and still, they pulled me. But fuck’em: I flew home in ONE seat (even though I had two), with the arm rest down, just to prove a point


Anyway, it took the full-figured Chicago Sun-Times today to put a smack down on the director:

Smith says Southwest discriminated against him for being too fat to fly, but the truth is that a plane has only so much space. For every extra inch of space Smith took up, his seatmate lost an inch.

We know people who are overweight don’t have it easy. And many are treated unfairly on the job and in social settings. But on a plane, as so often in life, we really should pay for what we get.

When a mid-western paper tells you to suck it up about your girth. Suck it up.