Chicago Mayor Launches First Mayoral Google Plus Page

Brands are now free to create pages on Google+. The pages are very similar to Facebook fan pages. And, the Mayor Rahm Emanuel of Chicago has the first official mayor’s office page on the platform.

The Chicago mayor took to social media rather easily and calls himself an early adopter. His office even announced in September that the Windy City is the first city to have an official foursquare badge for tourists to visit several Chicago landmarks, such as Michael Jordan statue and Green Mill. The mayor’s office tweets with constituents on a regular basis as well.

“This is an exciting new way for us to continue an open, public dialogue with Chicagoans and the 40 million people using Google+,” said Mayor Emanuel according to Chicagoist. “We will continue to search for new, innovative ways for the public to stay connected and hold government accountable.”

Both U.S. Reps. Jan Schakowsky and Joe Walsh launched their Google+ pages as well. But, Emanuel is only included in Schakowsky’s circles not Walsh’s. Whereas Emanuel has not added circles on his Google+ page yet, he better hurry up.

With the Emanuel so proactive in social media, I am sure we will see him follow President Obama’s choices in social networking and sign up with Tumblr or LinkedIn in the near future.