Chicago Free Press Loses Top Staff After A Month Of Missed Paychecks

ChicagoFreePress-158x82.gifThe Chicago Free Press’s art director, graphic designer, editor and most of its writers left the gay publication after some waited almost a month to receive pay, the Chicago Tribune reports.

Matt Simonette, who left his position as editor, said that contributors had been waiting since mid-November for their checks and other staff members didn’t get the check that was supposed to be cut on 12/15.

David Costanzo, Free Press’s publisher, told the Tribune “he was torn between laying off people and asking them to wait for their paychecks. He said he plans to write the Dec. 15 paychecks Tuesday evening.”

“The last two to three payrolls, we’ve been having issues from a cash-flow standpoint,” he told the Tribune.

He said he plans to hire replacements for the staffers who walked out.

You know, it’s “free” as in “unfettered,” not as in “that’s how much you work for.”