Chicago Bulls edge Los Angeles Lakers as Facebook’s most talked about NBA team

As the National Basketball Association prepares for opening tipoff, it’s time to look at who is leading the pack on Facebook. Though the Los Angeles Lakers are by far the most-liked basketball team, right now, nearly 400,000 people are buzzing on Facebook about the Chicago Bulls, according to PageData.

The least popular team is the Charlotte Bobcats, while the least talked about team is the Washington Wizards.

Look below to find out where your favorite NBA team ranks, in terms of Facebook popularity.

The Lakers also have the most popular basketball player on Facebook — Kobe Bryant, who has more than 16.9 million likes (a greater total than the Lakers team page). The second-most popular player on Facebook is LeBron James of the Miami Heat, owner of 14.9 million likes (again, more than the Heat team page).

The defending NBA champion Miami Heat are third in PTAT and likes.

Results ranked in order of PTAT.

NameLikesΔ TodayΔ This WeekPTATΔ TodayΔ This Week
Chicago Bulls9,364,484+16,643+97,244395,6060+15,050
LA Lakers16,832,020+7,702+42,868349,894+32,330+104,580
Miami Heat8,704,151+4,374+26,411138,5590+38,591
New York Knicks3,881,416+2,618+16,849114,487-575+2,576
Oklahoma City Thunder2,198,873+2,858+20,78399,149+4,105+50,904
San Antonio Spurs1,862,925+1,347+10,11570,872+903+31,318
Los Angeles Clippers935,060+3,938+26,71260,074+1,421+14,868
Houston Rockets800,307+2,895+15,79955,899-1,744+6,272
Brooklyn Nets1,182,368+1,456+11,99854,911-2,792+18,508
Boston Celtics7,043,544+3,244+21,48336,2630+5,047
Denver Nuggets1,067,794+2,979+14,23135,198+1,259+13,895
Orlando Magic1,890,197+2,129+14,60925,211-483+378
Golden State Warriors561,311+2,017+11,61324,681+231-11,718
Cleveland Cavaliers1,054,383+2,047+12,63524,200-1,410+4,984
Portland Trail Blazers500,519+1,157+8,76424,030+633+4,053
The Detroit Pistons550,099+1,266+9,45023,019+1,128-1,141
Dallas Mavericks2,630,683+1,759+9,52022,753-1,589-5,824
Sacramento Kings318,611+1,456+9,97520,929-119-12,691
Memphis Grizzlies333,851+2,376+14,37120,684+1,174-749
Minnesota Timberwolves369,431+1,278+10,88520,055+417+3,325
Atlanta Hawks398,627+1,773+10,89920,011+539-3,612
New Orleans Pelicans378,747+1,585+9,80018,810+3,013+5,908
Milwaukee Bucks322,560+1,632+9,99618,581+1,068+2,275
Phoenix Suns835,877+2,563+10,21317,989+479+4,270
Indiana Pacers368,523+705+5,69816,9430-3,150
The Toronto Raptors434,060+958+5,18716,338+597+7,861
Utah Jazz432,408+1,630+8,56115,403+791+6,580
Philadelphia 76ers387,947+1,170+8,71513,557-377+609
Charlotte Bobcats226,519+836+7,01412,126+193-1,050
Washington Wizards228,030+532+5,4608,336-1,461-2,254

Image courtesy of the Chicago Bulls’ Facebook page.

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