Jay Leno Still Getting a Charge Out of His Chevy Volt

When James Cameron sang the praises of his Chevy Volt on a recent episode of Nightline, it seemed like the kind of celebrity PR that would be hard for GM to beat. But as of this week, the Detroit auto maker has a brand new EV benchmark–Jay Leno on half a tank of gas.

In conjunction with the Los Angeles Auto Show, which opens to the public Friday, Leno has been giving interviews about his love of the electric car and participated in a special preview event yesterday. He told the New York Times that the Volt has become his daily commute car of choice, quite a statement when you consider the talk show host has about 300 gassed up vehicles to choose from:

The comedian said he had put about 11,000 miles on his Chevrolet Volt in the last 11 months. “They gave it to me with a full tank of gas,” he said. The tank, by the way, holds 9.3 gallons. “I’ve used less than half of that…”

“It’s my daily driver,” he said. “It really is. I commute in it to work every day. My commute, and all my other daily running around, totals less than 35 miles.”

Leno has been cheerleading for the Volt since Day One via Yahoo, USA Today and other media outlets. In recognition of this somewhat surprising EV service, GM this week officially inducted him into the “10,000 Mile Electric Badge” club.

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