Chevron Says ‘Sorry About That Deadly Explosion’ with Some Free Pizza


There Will NOT Be Pepperoni

The only two elements that go together more naturally than oil and fire are cheese and tomato sauce.

Given this fact, we can see why Chevron decided that the best way to reach out to a Pennsylvania community rocked by a series of explosions from one of its natural gas wells was to offer residents coupons for free pizza.

Yes, really. Check out the official letter after the jump.

Some backstory: a well* in Bobtown, PA erupted in a series of explosions last week, and the fires continued to burn over the weekend.

One worker at the rig is missing and presumed dead in the fires, which apparently stopped burning on Sunday. The incident also posed threats to local emergency responders and annoyed locals with loud noises and and odd smells.

At some point on Sunday, Chevron responded by delivering at least 100 letters and coupons for one free “special combo” pie and a two-liter soda at a local pizzeria.  (No word on the quality of the local water supply.)

This image comes courtesy of Philadelphia Daily News editor Will Bunch‘s excellent blog:


We suppose we should congratulate Chevron for taking steps to reach out, but we feel like they could have come up with a better peace offering. Perhaps it’s time to review Alaska’s relationship with the oil industry.

*While anti-fracking organizations first broke this story, it’s worth noting that there’s some debate as to whether the explosion resulted from the fracturing process itself. We’re not going to get into that, because the cause of the accident does not negate the tragedy or the ridiculousness of Chevron’s response.