Chevrolet, Toyota, BMW and more in this week’s top 10 PTAT gainers among car brand pages

Chevrolet leads the list of weekly gainers for the People Talking About This metric among car pages.

The top 10 pages gaining People Talking About This saw increases between about 17,000 and 130,000 engagements. We compile this list with our PageData tool, which tracks page growth across Facebook.

#NamePeople Talking AboutDaily GrowthWeekly Growth 
1   Chevrolet174,7140+134,631
2   Lamborghini Aventador235,5060+79,765
3   BMW336,7620+72,912
4   DC Design61,3370+38,500
5   Dodge59,6650+33,159
6   Subaru of America, Inc.53,6490+24,717
7   Mahindra XUV50042,5240+23,331
8   Toyota Special Showroom22,8870+18,249
9   MINI UK23,6480+17,892
10   BMW M32,4920+16,954


With over 1 million Facebook fans, Chevorlet has been using its page to connect with life-long fans encouraging them to “share their stories and join the discussion.” Many of the page posts are centered around engaging fans and present clear calls to action. In addition to that, sometimes the page features fans’ cars highlighting the company’s rich history. The page is run meticulously and efficiently and can be used as a good reference for page owners seeking sound Facebook page strategy.

In contrast to Chevorlet’s singular American branding, Toyota, at #8 on the list, takes a different strategy with their Facebook page. Toyota Special Showroom is a separate page from Toyota’s USA page, yet, has a larger PTAT despite having fewer likes (326,618 likes/22,887 PTAT vs 1,123,809 likes/17,788 PTAT respectively). Though this could be due to the global audience being larger than the American audience, the graph below suggests Special Showroom page has likely purchased Sponsored Stories.

Pages separated by country or regions are common with large companies, but these graphs show how this can sometimes produce uneven results. It should also be considered that the Toyota Special Showroom page heavily features Toyota competitive racing while the Toyota USA page is focused on consumer automobiles. Fans of racing are already interested more likely to engage, while Toyota USA is more general and less relevant to its broad audience.

Despite quality posts and quick responsiveness by moderators, the Toyota USA page is seeing meager engagement numbers. With the Toyota USA page not seeing significant engagement organically, utilizing promoted posts or page post ads could potentially be of great benefit for the page.

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