Chevrolet, Jash Create the #BestDayEver of Positive Prankvertising

Not everything has to be mean on April Fools' Day

April Fools' Day is known as a day to pull pranks on your nearest and dearest. However, Chevrolet and online comedy network Jash believe that not every trick has to be mean-spirited.

The two have teamed up for #BestDayEver, an eight-hour YouTube livestream of real-life surprises around the U.S. that kicked off at 3 p.m. ET today. Hosted by comedian Jon Dore and YouTube influencers Garfunkel and Oates out of YouTube Space L.A., the programming will feature special appearances and "happy" stunts facilitated by the likes of soccer team Manchester United, social media star Tyler Oakley, and Epic Meal Time host Harley Morenstein. There's even going to be an impromptu public performance from Kelly Clarkson at an undisclosed location sometime today.

"We want to surprise people to get them to rethink what they know about Chevrolet and reintroduce our lineup of award-winning cars and crossovers," Chevrolet U.S. vp of marketing Paul Edwards said. "By making it the #BestDayEver for thousands of people across the country, we want them to take notice that the brand is back in a big way." 

YouTube will promote the livestream on its masthead, and will further push it with about 50,000 interactive lightbox ads that will stream across the Google Display Network. It will also be featured on the YouTube Live channel.

Positive prankvertising has been growing as a trend, as brands seek a way to tap into the prank genre without damaging their company's reputation. Today's April Fools' Day livestream will also help launch Chevrolet's new campaign highlighting the technological advances and design of its products, especially through two 2015 models, the Malibu and Spark.

"These surprises will reach a wide range of audiences from younger audiences through YouTube personalities and other celebrities, to people who are already may have a relationship with us like NASCAR and IndyCar fans," Edwards said.

Jash co-founder Mickey Meyer explained that the idea for the positive nature of this project really came from Chevy.

"For us, it was a no brainer to work with them because of the success of so much content with a pay-it-forward nature," Meyer said. "It was the best tool in signing up talent. Our success rate in getting people to participate is near perfect."