Cherkis v. DCist

The Washington City Paper’s Jason Cherkis wasn’t a huge fan of this DCist post on Sean Taylor.

But, perhaps more interesting is the fight taking place in the comments section.

Says “Jeffrey”:

    You wouldn’t by any chance be singling out this DCist post because it’s written by someone who’s highly critical of you and your newspaper, would you?

    But of course not. It isn’t as though you have a reputation for vindictiveness or for using your newspaper as a vehicle to carry out your grudges or anything.

    Here’s another thought: If you don’t like someone else’s writing, write something better yourself. Washington is waiting.

Responds Cherkis:

    Your comment implies that I or CP give a shit what a blogger “writes” or “thinks.” I just thought his cliches were particularly lame.

    I mean Jeezus, did you even read his piece? Or are you too busy thinking waaaay too much about CP’s alleged vindictiveness.

    And one last thing, “Jeffrey,”: Get a last name.Pussy.

Awwww yeah…. It’s on!

Read the full exchange here.