Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Maid Tops Chelsea Handler’s Dream Netflix Guest List

New talk show will post Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

There are press releases. And then, there are Chelsea Handler press releases.

Chelsea's Press Release

Handwritten, social-media shared and full of promise, the note confirms that Handler’s Netflix talk show will air three times a week, in half-hour installments posting Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. And that a woman with whom the former Governor of California carried on under the increasingly suspicious eye of a member of the Kennedy family is the host’s number one “dream guest.” Ahead of the First Lady. Ahead of the Pope.

Handler promised she would be back, and boy, what a conversation it would prove to be if the aforementioned Brentwood household worker ever decides to make the host’s dream come true. Also, the Byron Allen reference in Handler’s note is hilarious. The show debuts May 11.

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