New This Year At The Chelsea Flower Show: A Tweet-Controlled Garden

Now you don’t need a green thumb to be a skilled gardener – all you need is a thumb, period.

At this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, May 21-25 in London, Twitter users will be able to control the appearance of one of the display gardens.

Called Digital Capabilities, the 20×10 foot plot will be divided into two separate planting zones by a Perspex-paneled wall, which connects to a computer. Those panels will open or close depending on the volume of tweets which use the hashtag #rhschelsea. Pretty incredible.

Here’s what the installation looks like:

Familiar British plants and foliage is what visitors to the garden display will see upon arrival, but impressively exotic plants, designed to represent the “unknown immaterial world of the internet,” will be revealed when the panels move by tweet. Hence, the incentive to engage with the garden.

Digital Capabilities was created by students and staff from the University of Lincoln’s Computer Science, Psychology and Architecture departments, and designed by Harfleet & Harfleet.

The innovative horticultural installation is a wonderful example of how digital media can impact the offline world, and vice versa.

The Digital Capabilities garden has its own Twitter account, covering the assembly progress of the project and more.

(First image via Shutterstock, second image via RHS)

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