Thought Catalog Issues Massive Apology for Posting “Victim-Blaming” Post on Sexual Assault

In the digital media world, a lot of articles can go up online without supervision from editors. It’s a risk blog editors have to be willing to take, and sure, occasionally things go awry. And occasionally things go really, really awry.

Thought Catalog, a “digital mag for culture,” doesn’t seem to be trying to position itself as the next Fox Nation, what with posts like “Different Types of Music to Have Sex To” and “A Parent’s Guide to Webcam Fetishes.” But on Monday, a bizarrely outdated post went up by Chelsea Fagan, “The Funny Thing About ‘Slutwalk’,” where she made several points along the lines of:

“for a man, a sexually and visually driven man not in full command of his wits, having a woman tell him ‘no’ while wearing the most provocative, arousing, blatantly sexual outfit possible is, to say the least, confusing.”

Let’s just say that this piece didn’t go over well with the anti-rape crowd. Nor did it go over well with site editor Ryan O’Connell, who issued one of the most extreme editor’s notes we’ve come across:

But this piece crossed the line in its victim-blaming and blatant misogyny. What’s even worse is that it was written by a woman which makes the whole thing even more disturbing and sad. The suggestion that victims of sexual assault are partially to blame for wearing revealing clothing is ludicrous, indicative of serious self-loathing and makes me want to vomit all over my computer screen.

You know, it’s not every day you get to see an editor say an article on his site made him want to “vomit all over” his computer screen! Perhaps this serves as an important reminder to young writers, who often feel pressured to come up with a fresh perspective, to think a little more before offering up their byline to the internet.