How Badly Do You Want to Interview Chelsea Clinton? ‘Stay on the Subject Being Promoted’

NBC is trotting out Special Correspondent for NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams” Chelsea Clinton for interviews.

If you’re booked (and that is definitely an if), you will send all your intel, numbers, backup numbers and website, and understand that even if you get the slot you’re interview could be subject to change. What’s more, if you go over the 10-minute allotted time, PLEASE REMEMBER the operator may disconnect you. If you forget, you’re still getting the axe if you go over. And by the way, please stay on the subject being promoted. (A pleasant emoticon softens the blow of that last rule.)

Airing this Friday at 10 p.m., Chelsea visits Key West to interview author Judy Blume on her first feature film being created from her book, Tiger Eyes.

See the enticing (eye roll) email from an NBC press manager…

Date: February 26, 2013, 5:49:12 PM EST
Subject: Chelsea Clinton – “Rock Center with Brian Williams” 3/1

CHELSEA CLINTON (Special Correspondent, NBC’s “Rock Center with Brian Williams”) will be available for radio interviews on Friday, March 1 from 7:30-9:00 a.m. EST.  If you’d like an interview, please send your call letters, contact, city/state, hotline/back up numbers and website. I’ll send your confirmation only if booked. Please note – dates, times, and talent are subject to change. Please indicate if the interview will be live or taped.


If you are confirmed for a 10-minute interview and go over that time, the operator will disconnect the call in order to stay on schedule.

** GX, the Template ID 2272860

Just a reminder to please stay on the subject being promoted.

Thanks for understanding.